Vela Partners is a technology investment group, composed of four partners, supported by senior technology, commercial and legal advisors. The main focus of the group is software, investment sizes generally ranging between angel and VC levels. Nonetheless, due to the team’s vast experience, financial capability and wide network, Vela considers investments in any segment of the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector, including internet and technology-enabled businesses, in companies of any size.

The team members bring decades of hands-on management and development experience in both large and small technology firms. They are well versed in the creation of software enterprises, startup investments, product development, problem solving, research and analysis, company valuation, investment banking, fund management, and relevant legal matters, both in developed countries and emerging markets. The senior Vela collaborators have:

  • Created and managed fifteen companies in nine countries;

  • Developed dozens of software products in Silicon Valley, Europe and developing nations;

  • Carried out the largest exit in Turkish business software history;

  • Over 30 years of experience in investment and corporate banking;

  • Over 40 years of experience in company valuation, research and analysis;

  • Over 50 years of expertise in business law, including M&A activities and the ICT sector;

  • Over 60 years of experience in ICT;

  • Published over 30 essays, chapters, books and research papers on ICT in journals and publishers in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and emerging markets;

  • Advanced academic titles in computer science, law, economics and administration from prominent universities in the USA and United Kingdom such as Oxford, Yale, Brandeis and Millsaps;

  • Job experience in leading institutions such as Google, Microsoft, HP, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Citigroup, Salomon Brothers, located in Silicon Valley, New York and London;

  • Investment experience and ventures in Silicon Valley, Europe and the Middle East; and

  • Legal advisory expertise in transactions such as the Nasdaq-Borsa Istanbul agreement and the largest business software M&A deal in Turkey.

The group invests in disruptive technologies, innovative ideas, niche segments, and most importantly in promising individuals, with an aim to contribute to the development of the enterprises. Though these firms and their entrepreneurs continue to have managerial independence, Vela acts as a strategic partner, providing support in crucial areas such as strategy, planning, product development and distribution, productivity, finance, geographic expansion, legal issues and network, as well as capital. The group has a deliberate policy to carry a compact investment portfolio, which enables it to focus on and extend strategic support to each company.

Vela’s permanent presence and strong network in global ICT and financial centers such as San Francisco and London give it an edge not only in following the latest trends in technology but also in securing the subsequent rounds of funding for its investments. The group has ventures in computing bastions such as Silicon Valley as well as emerging markets like Istanbul.

ICT4D, development informatics and inclusive innovation are the main drivers behind Vela’s focus on developing nations and underprivileged populations. The group enforces a strict constancy of purpose in its actions, with a view toward the development of individuals, enterprises and societies.