We are a purpose-driven investment firm that believes innovative ideas and hard work know no limit.

We work with entrepreneurs and companies that strive to improve people, enterprises and societies - and who are committed to contributing positively to their communities.

Investing in social enterprises

In making investment decisions, we consider the social impact of the potential portfolio companies. We are always seeking social enterprises that are both profit-driven and rooted in societal improvement. The examples in our portfolio are which removes bias from hiring, Base Operations which helps people navigate urban areas more safely and Meditopia which helps people practice mindfulness.

Developing entrepreneurs

We know that innovative ideas can be born anywhere and developed by anyone. We also know that these ideas need proper cultivation to grow. As such, we are honored to support and sponsor initiatives and programs that develop entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, in all parts of the world. Some examples of our involvement in such programs are as follows:

  • Pyme Labs, Costa Rica: An initiative in Latin America supporting female entrepreneurs who strive to bring their families out of poverty.

  • Dokuz Eylül University, Turkey: A three-month intensive entrepreneurial bootcamp providing mentorship for students in Turkey.

  • Koç University, Turkey: Mentorship to undergraduate students in the entrepreneurship track with their graduation projects.

Committed to giving back

We are a member of the Pledge 1% Movement and leading the way investment firms give back.