We are a tech-enabled investment firm composed of five partners supported by technology, commercial and legal advisors. Our main focus is software companies with investments spanning from angel to Series A.

Focused on B2B, AI and deep learning

We have two active funds: a B2B and an AI fund. We invest in disruptive technologies, innovative ideas and most importantly in promising individuals.

Hands-on support to portfolio companies

Our on-the-ground presence in San Francisco, London and Istanbul benefit our investments in a number of ways. We help our portfolio companies in recruitment, sales, partnerships, M&A, distribution and securing subsequent rounds of funding. We deliberately carry a compact investment portfolio so we can give each company the due attention it needs for its specific needs.

Experience from startups to large companies

Our team brings decades of experience from both startups and large technology companies. Our team members are well versed in creation of software products, businesses with successful exits, investment banking and fund management both in developed and emerging markets. You can read more about our background here.

Enforcing a strict policy on purpose

We not only fund innovation that positively impacts economy and society, but also create and contribute to programs that support underserved communities. See Vela’s programs here.